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About Us

Environmental Consulting Operations, Incorporated (ECO, Inc.) is an environmental consulting firm that provides specialized consulting services to industries, municipalities, and government agencies to meet their environmental compliance, permitting, and technical needs.  ECO, Inc. was founded in 1990 with a philosophy focused on the integration of ECOnomy and ECOlogy.  With today’s financial resource requirements for compliance, and the dynamics of environmental regulations, the survival of many organizations is dependent upon finding the “happy medium” between cost and compliance.  Our major objective is to seek the most environmentally sound and cost-effective solutions to environmental problems.  Foremost among ECO, Inc.’s goals is the minimization of liabilities by the “problem prevention” approach.  For other scenarios where noncompliance already exists, we will develop a menu of corrective action alternatives and assist in selecting the most feasible solution.  ECO, Inc. can interface within broad-spectrum projects by providing specialized regulatory and scientific expertise.  ECO, Inc. has the desire, the commitment, and the capabilities to assist you in meeting your environmental management objectives.

ECO, Inc. provides comprehensive regulatory and technical services to a diverse group of private and public sector clients.  We have established ourselves as pioneers in creating technically innovative, yet cost-effective, solutions to complex environmental problems.  ECO, Inc.’s forte is the development of site-specific environmental management strategies for regulatory compliance and/or corrective actions associated with the construction, operation, and management of industrial, commercial, and municipal facilities.

ECO, Inc. professionals have served a broad clientele throughout the United States including numerous Fortune 500 companies.  Our clients have included regional and national leaders in industry, real estate and financing; municipal, state and federal government agencies; military facilities; and private entities.  ECO, Inc. has a reputation for excellence in the environmental consulting arena.

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