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Site Management
Prescribed Burning
Historically fire set by lightning and American Indians kept the prairies from becoming
brushlands and forests. Fire kills the above ground parts of shrubs and small trees. Prairie
plants grow more vigorously when built-up plant materials and shade are removed. Spring
fire uncovers the soil, so it warms sooner, thus extending the growing season. Prescribed
fire is a carefully planned and controlled fire conducted to manage natural areas such as
prairie, oak savanna, wetlands, and oak woodlands. Prescribed fire is one of the many
management tools used at Woolsey Wet Prairie to promote the growth of numerous plant
species and to set back the succession of unwanted woody vegetation such as the black
willow (
Salix nigra).
Pictures below are from the spring burn in March 2016 at Woolsey Wet Prairie performed by Wildland Inc. .
A video of the Woolsey Wet Prairie prescribed burn in March 2012 can be viewed by
clicking on the link below: