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American Burying Beetle (Nicrophorus americanus)
Trapping Services
Who has to trap??

Projects occurring in Crawford, Franklin, Johnson, Logan, Sebastian, Scott, or Yell counties
that result in a ground disturbance of three acres or more in the areas shaded light gray in the
figure below or private in-holdings within publicly-owned properties (dark gray shaded areas)
must have an American Burying Beetle Prescence/Abscence Survey conducted at the project
location prior to the commencement of ground disturbing activities by an individual or
company processing a valid USFWS Endangered Species Trapping Permit. Trapping can only
be conducted between May 20th and September 20th during each year and the results of the
trapping are only valid until May 30th of the following year.
The American Burying Beetle commonly reffered to as ABB, is a species of Carrion Beetle that
was added to the endangered species list in 1989. A detailed species profile from the Oklahoma
Ecological Service Field Office that provides a detailed description of the ABB's life history,
description, distribution, and habitat preferences can be found
Projects that occur within the ABB's known range and require ABB trapping to be conducted
prior to the commencment of construction can become a huge headache and delay time
sensitive projects. ECO, Inc. can help get these projects rolling in a timely fashion and provide
competitively priced American Burying Beetle Trapping services to help projects meet all of the
trapping requirements of the USFWS. ECO, Inc. has both a federal USFWS Endangered Species
Trapping Permit as well as the state required AGFC Scientific Collection Permit required to trap
ABB's in Arkansas. ECO, Inc. is one of only two companies located in the state of Arkansas that
poccesses a valid USFWS Endangered Species Permit and can trap for ABB's on your project.
You can view both our federal and state permits at the links below. If you are in need of
American Burying Beetle Trapping at your project site please do not hesitate to
contact us and
let us help you meet your permit requirements to get your project rolling!!
Pictured below are our 5-Gallon Bucket Traps